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Free Forms

Wage Loss Verification. This form can be completed by your employer and submitted to the insurance company to support your wage loss claim.

Sample Personal Injury Complaint. This is a sample of a typical complaint for a rear-end collision. Additional facts would be added to this as appropriate. This document, as well as a civil summons and civil action cover sheet, are filed with the clerk of court in the appropriate county to begin a lawsuit.


Civil Summons. The civil summons must be signed by the clerk of court in the county in which the lawsuit is filed. It must then be served, together with a copy of the complaint, on the defendants.

Civil Action Cover Sheet. This document is filed with the Complaint and Civil Summons to begin the lawsuit.


Jury instruction – Negligence. This is a sample of the law the trial judge reads to the jury after all evidence has been presented and before the jury begins deliberations. This is the definition of negligence under North Carolina law.

Jury Instruction - Contributory Negligence. This is the definition of contributory negligence under North Carolina law.

Jury Instruction - Last Clear Chance. This is the definition of last clear chance under North Carolina law.


About Us

Since 2007, the lawyers of Copeland Richards, PLLC have been assisting people throughout North Carolina, and in particular in the Lake Norman area, who have been injured by the carelessness of others.

This website is an attempt to answer some of the common questions we receive from clients injured by the carelessness of others. Our goal is to provide you with the resources you need to better understand the legal and practical issues after you have been injured – be it from an automobile accident, a “slip and fall” accident, or some other accident. Learn more about our experience here.

We hope you find this information useful. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.


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